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Aroma | Heavy gas and fresh orange

Taste | Creamy citrus gas

Effects | Happy and cerebral with an all-over body high

Emergen-C, a unique hybrid by Seed Junky Genetics and Minntz, is a balanced cross between Orange Push Pop and Sunset Sherbet. Like a creamsicle off to the races, this sativa hybrid showcases a heavy gas and fresh orange scent, coupled with notes of sweet grapefruit, crisp fresh pine needles, and a subtle hint of fuel that’s both invigorating and complex.

This citrus powerhouse, reminiscent of a freshly opened orange juice bottle, is known for its happy and cerebral effects, providing an all-over high. Emergen-C is favored for its mood-lifting and creativity-sparking properties, making it a popular choice for managing depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

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